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Metal doors certified for security and performance.

Backed by a 2 year warranty.


Kirncroft high security steel doors solve the problem of “security and reliability v cost”, by offering high specification metal doors at unbelievable prices.

We don’t believe in supplying sub-standard “budget” steel door sets that can easily be broken into and low quality hardware that is likely to malfunction. Kirncroft steel door sets have one high level of specification and are the result of going above and beyond to manufacture genuine high security steel doors at the lowest prices possible.

With a Kirncroft 10-point locking steel security door, because we manufacture in our own purpose built factory, we can offer low prices without sacrificing quality or specification.

Our approach of “Security Through Integrity” is realised by thoroughly quality checking each and every product down to the smallest component during production and then again before dispatch.

Kirncroft security doors are specified extensively for a wide range of applications where high security is a priority:

  • Anti-vandal steel modular buildings
  • Modular buildings
  • Steel framed buildings
  • General building projects

Kirncroft 10-point locking steel security doors are shipped assembled and pre-hung in the frame for quick and hassle free installation.

Real world tested since 1999, Kirncroft steel doors come with high specification hardware and a single high level of security.  We refuse to make low quality products and we are proud to be able to offer steel doors that are built to last.

Do you need a steel security door in a hurry? We have 1000’s of door’s available from stock.  Contact us

for more information.

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✔ Galvanised steel structure

✔ Extra strong design

✔ Stainless steel hardware

✔ Extra secure locking system

✔ Fully weatherproofed

✔ Low u-value – 1.8

✔ Made in our factory

✔ Available from stock

✔ Complies to UK standards

2 Year Warranty


✔ Galvanised steel structure

✔ Extra strong design

✔ Stainless steel hardware

✔ Extra secure locking system

✔ Fully weatherproofed

✔ Low u-value – 1.8

✔ Made in our factory

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Frame size (mm)Price (exc. VAT)

All doors come pre-hung in the frame complete with stainless steel threshold and the following hardware:

  • Stainless steel fully welded anti-knockout hinges
  • High security 10/12-point locking system fitted
  • High security euro-cylinder
  • Stainless steel lever handles
  • Weatherproofing seal
  •  Plastic fixing hole caps

Door Customisation and hardware options

^Anti-vandal specification – Stainless steel stepped threshold and extra anti-jemmy flange

*12-Point Locking Double Door – Equal or unequal split available.

Prices are Ex Works, exclude VAT and are subject to our standard terms and conditions.  Please contact us for delivery costs.

All doors are fitted with Part M compliant disabled specification stainless steel thresholds unless stated otherwise.

Toggle through the sections below for further information:

Door Construction

Kirncroft steel security doors are designed and manufactured to the highest standards:

  • 1mm
    (20 gauge)
    thick galvanised steel door sheet
  • 2mm
    (14 gauge)
    thick galvanised steel door frame
  • 1.7mm
    (16 gauge)
    thick stainless steel threshold
  • Door and frame profile – Rebated to produce a natural anti-jemmy astragal
  • Anti-vandal specification – Extra anti-jemmy flange available
    on 910x2065mm & 1110x2065mm sizes

The internal construction of a Kirncroft steel door sets it apart.

Kirncroft security doors are designed and built to last:

    • Door leaf insulation – Polyurethane foam injection
    • Door frame insulation – Polyurethane foam injection
    • Steel subframe and strengtheners
    • 4mm
      roundbar steel mesh throughout the door
    • 4mm
      steel strengthening plates at lock and hinge fixing points
    • 3mm
      steel backing plates for fixing surface mounted hardware
    • 2mm
      steel lock protection box
    • Anti-drill plates
    • Stainless steel locking rod tubes
    • Galvanised steel locking rods
    • Fully sealed door, frame and threshold

Standard Features

Kirncroft multi-locking security doors come complete with the following standard features:

  • High security 10-point locking system
  • Anti-drill Euro profile cylinder
  • Anti-snap mortice lock
  • Stainless steel lever handles
  • Anti-jemmy studs
  • Stainless steel fully welded “anti-knockout” hinges
  • Stainless steel threshold –
    Part M
    or stepped specification (910x265mm or 1110x2065mm door sizes only) available.
  • Weatherproofed top locking bolt grommet
  • Weatherproof rubber seal system
  • Stainless steel keep plates
  • Stainless steel screws throughout

Double doors:

  • High security 12-point locking system
  • Stainless steel finger operated latches to secondary leaf

Modular Building Applications

Each Kirncroft steel security door is designed and physically checked to make sure that there is a 4mm (3/16″) tolerance between the door and frame.  This built in tolerance ensures that in the event of a modular or portable building “racking”, the door will operate with full functionality.

Certification and Testing

Kirncroft Security doors have been thoroughly tested
to current EN standards to demonstrate compliance with UK & European regulations
, allowing you to be able to specify our products with the utmost confidence:

      • Thermal insulation
        U value
      • BS EN1191
        Resistance to repeated opening and closing
        – 50,000 cycles
      • Multi-locking system – 200N operating force for 200,000 cycles
      • Acoustic rating – 32 (-2;-7) dB
      • BS EN1906
        Stainless steel lever handles
        – 100N operating force for 200,000 cycles & high corrosion resistance
      • BS EN1935
        Stainless steel hinges
        – 200,000 cycles & high corrosion resistance

Size Specification

Sizes in inches

Frame depth - 3.5″
Door thickness - 1.8"
Aperture size - Frame size + 0.4″
*Double leaf doors - Equal and unequal split available
Frame SizeInternal Size
35 x 82.531.1 x 79.9
35.8 x 81.331.9 x 78.7**
39 x 82.535 x 79.9
43.7 x 81.3 39.8 x 78.7**
47.6 x 81.343.7 x 78.7
74.6 x 81.3*70.6 x 78.7

Sizes in mm

Frame Depth - 90mm
Door Thickness - 45mm
Aperture Size - Frame Size + 10mm
* Double Leaf Doors -Equal and unequal split available  
Frame SizeInternal Size
890 x 2095790 x 2030
910 x 2065810 x 2000**
990 x 2095890 x 2030
1110 x 20651010 x 2000**
1210 x 20651110 x 2000
1894 x 2065*1794 x 2000

Handing and Opening


Kirncroft steel security doors can be customised with a wide range of hardware to suit your requirements. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

If you have any questions regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us

 or visit our FAQ’s


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