Steel fire exit door

From £331.00

With strength and durability as a priority, Kirncroft steel fire exit doors have been relied upon for fire escape applications for over 20 years.

Available with fire exit hardware from ISEO and Briton to suit both public and non-public building applications. Optional external access devices allow the doors to be unlocked and opened from the outside.

Available from only £331 in sizes 890-1210mm wide and finished in grey primer. Kirncroft steel fire exit doors have 1mm thick galvanised steel door skins, a frame constructed from 2mm thick galvanised steel and a 1mm thick galvanised steel strengthening subframe. Hardware includes stainless steel ball-bearing hinges, the door and frame are insulated with injected polyurethane foam, and we offer a two-year warranty as standard.


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Steel fire exit doors that offer strength, safety, reliability and security. 

Heavy-duty material selection and robust design elements combined with fire-exit hardware selected for its durability mean that when your application calls for a steel fire exit door, we have you covered.


Security is still important on a fire escape door.

Even though the ability to release in an emergency is the number one priority for a fire exit door, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about security. Enhanced security can be achieved on a Kirncroft fire exit door by specifying ISEO 3-point locking panic hardware.


External access available. 

All of our steel fire exit doors are available with lockable outside access devices so that you can open the door from the outside if required.


High-specification material selection.

Our steel fire exit doors are “built to last” using 1mm galvanised steel for the door skins, 2mm galvanised steel for the frame, 1mm galvanised steel for the subframe and a 4mm galvanised steel internal round bar mesh reinforcement.


Safety First approach. 

Kirncroft steel fire exit doors have internal galvanised steel backing plates, so that fire exit hardware is secured by 3mm of steel reinforcing. All of our fire exit hardware is fitted by our skilled engineers at our UK facility.



Polyurethane-injected foam insulation to both the door and frame means that our doors offer high-performance insulation values and add to the door leaf’s strength and rigidity.


Two-year warranty. 

We offer a two-year warranty as standard.


Designed with containers and modular buildings in mind. 

Designed with tolerances that allow for “racking”, our products work seamlessly with modular and container builds.


Door skin steel1mm galvanised steel
Door frame steel2mm galvanised steel
Frame threshold1.7mm 304 grade stainless steel - Part M disability compliant
Door leaf subframe1mm galvanised steel
Door frame depth90mm
Door leaf depth45mm
Strengtheners4mm galvanised steel roundbar mesh
Hinges304 grade stainless steel ball bearing hinges
Hinge fixing plate5mm thick anodised steel
Fire exit hardware reinforcing2mm galvanised steel plates
Door insulationInjected polyurethane foam
Frame insulation Injected polyurethane foam
Fire exit hardware BS EN 1125 or BS EN 179
Hydraulic closer reinforcing2mm galvanised steel plate

Size Details

Frame size (mm)Internal size (mm)Clear opening at 90° (mm)

Frame depth – 90mm


Thermal insulation U value1.8/m2K
Acoustic rating– 32 (-2;-7) dB
Fire exit hardwareBS EN 1125 or BS EN 179
Stainless steel hinges200,000 cycles & high corrosion resistance





Fitting instructions

Kirncroft door fitting instructions


Door frame fixing hole positions



Vision panels 

Typical vision panel positions


Technical diagram

Fire exit door technical diagram